Why grass-fed gelatin?

Gelatin is a tier 1 protein source that’s unfortunately often overlooked. In short, Gelatin is derived from animal tissue. It is made up almost entirely of protein, and it provides tons of health benefits which include but are not limited to:

  • A high satiety index (feeling of fullness)
  • Joint support
  • Potent gut health benefits!

Gelatin is very viscous and thus absorbs a ton of water, so much that even just small amounts of gelatin can swell up significantly when water is added. Couple that with low calorie sweeteners and flavors, and you end up with gummies that are great tasting, low-calorie dense, filling, keto friendly, and healthy!

Gummies have always (until now) used gelatin in only very small amounts - just enough to give them their chewy, “gel” structure. After that, the remaining bulk of the gummy would be comprised of sugars, corn syrups, and even high amounts of supplemental fibers in some cases.

This results in a gummy that’s high in sugar, high in calories, low in protein, potentially upsetting digestion, and thus as far away from healthy as it gets.


Built Bears are essentially a reverse engineered gummy: tons of protein-rich gelatin and almost 0 sugars.

Our gelatin is sourced from 100% grass-fed bovine.