Is gelatin overlooked because of collagen?

Evidence shows that gelatin is more beneficial in a few major ways.

Appetite Suppression

“Research has shown that not being hungry is the most important predictor of successful weight loss. Hunger is the enemy. Hunger makes you eat more than intended. Without hunger, dieting would be as easy as just consciously deciding to eat less.” - @menno.henselmans

Gelatin is extremely appetite suppressing because of its high viscosity (swelling/“gelling” strength). One study gave 23 healthy people either gelatin or casein as the only protein in their diet for 36 hours. The researchers found that gelatin reduced hunger 44% more than casein!

Low Calorie Density

Gelatins viscous properties and ability to swell up enormously when water is added enables gelatin to be very low calorie dense. This means that a high volume of gelatin equates to a low amount of calories.

Collagen does not have any gelling properties (low viscosity), thus it is neither appetite suppressing nor low calorie dense.

Gut Health

Gelatin also has the edge over collagen when it comes to gut health, thanks to gelatin’s unique chemical structure. Research has shown that gelatin establishes gut barrier permeability and homeostasis by acting as a gut barrier enhancer and modulating gut microbiota composition, thus helping to prevent “leaky gut”.

Getting full on gelatin gummy bears while reaping health benefits may sound too good to be true for some, but sometimes you literally can have your candy and eat it too. Gelatin > Collagen!