Are artificial sweeteners bad for you?

We use sucralose in our Built Bears. This sweetener gives the same clean, sweet taste you'd expect from regular sugar. However, it contains 0 calories. It does not affect our blood sugar nor does our body metabolize it for energy.

Sucralose is also the only artificial sweetener that is derived from conventional table sugar. Because it is 600 times sweeter than sugar, it only requires a small amount to achieve the same flavor, thus significantly reducing the overall calories.

There is a wealth of evidence establishing the safety of sucralose consumption in humans in amounts that are within the ADI. The ADI is the acceptable daily intake over a lifetime that is expected to be safe based on significant research (WHO). Note that ADIs also have a 100-fold error margin, so you would realistically need to eat about 400 – yes, 400 – packs of Built Bears per day to reach a level of sucralose consumption that has actually been found to cause adverse effects in animals or humans.

So what do you do next time someone tells you that artificial sweeteners are bad?

You tell them what you just learned.

Thanks for reading and your continued support!

Connor and Grant Jones

-The Built Bear Team